Are You Listening?

Out now! Includes cats, road tripping, Texas, friendship, creepy government officials, and trauma. Available wherever it is you like to get books from. Hopefully that’s your local bookstore.



I wanted to set a story in space, this is what happened. Includes many gays, ancient buildings, mystical creatures, boarding school, and family. Get a copy wherever books are sold. Also, you can read the whole thing for free online. Yes, really.



How on earth am I supposed to describe this book? I was a competitive figure skater all through my childhood, and I made a book about it. There. Includes many tired mornings and tweens. Available wherever books are sold.


Mini Meditations

A tiny sweet book with illustrated quotes about creativity. That’s about it. You can get it directly from Liminal 11.

A CIty inside

This book. Oy. Probably my strangest work, and secretly one of my favorites. Don’t ask me what it means because I definitely don’t know. Includes a floating sky bed, a city inside a woman, cloud fish, and a very pretty triangle pillow. Available wherever books are sold, kind of.

I love this part

People seem to love this book. They.. love this part. HAH! Ok. It’s a love story, I suppose. Between girls, obviously. Includes many lush landscapes, snappy dialogue, and sadness. You’ve been warned. Available wherever books are sold.

The end of summer

When I was 17 I got an email from Ricky at Avery Hill Publishing asking me to do a book. I said no, and then a year later I said yes. This is the book I made. Includes twins, a giant cat, many indoor pools, snow, and violence. Available like all the others.